5-1 Ipad Case

When a new popular product is introduced into the market, there will usually be several more following invented to accompany the lacking aspects of the original. With Apple’s introduction of the iPad, it creates a lot of new business opportunities for other companies.

In taking advantage of this new popular device, Brenthaven created an iPad case containing 5 functions in one.  Made out of a sturdy, hardshell material, the case provides two-sided protection in which you can slip your iPad in safely.

Take out the iPad from the case and it will fit perfectly into a slot on the back, standing horizontally in a viewing mode. Now, everyone will be able to watch anything on the iPad in a comfortable position without having to lower his/her head too much and worry that that it will fall without notification. If one wants to send emails or work on documents, he/she can immediately set it up in a typing mode by fastening the built-in strap to an indented loop at the back of the shell, and conveniently flip it over to type.

This set also comes with a long strap that can hang around a car’s headrest for viewing on the go. Of course, one could also use it to wrap around an airplane headrest. But he/she will need to be sure to check with the passenger in front before attaching. When it is set up, one could be well entertained throughout the whole flight.  Its “EZ Grip Handle,” additionally, allows reading books and paper on an iPad with added security and comfortableness.

Made from recycled materials and a few updated features from features from the previous version, the 5-in-1 system is 100% lifetime guarantee and is well on its way to offering a well rounded, super functional iPad case solution.

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4 Responses to 5-1 Ipad Case

  1. mirjammeili says:

    wow ive been looking for something to make the ipad easier to use, this works well thanks for the reccomendation

  2. luhta100 says:

    I don’t even have a ipad, but that seems to be a pretty decent product. Just wondering what would the price be? If it is not high that would be a perfect Christmas present for somebody who owns an ipad and I bet they would find it also useful.

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