IKEA, The Book

Opening its first store in 1958, IKEA not only is one of Sweden’s most successful international brands but it is also amongst the few earliest retail stores to make good design available to the large population. With moderate inexpensive prices, IKEA’s furniture are easily accessible. It is difficult to imagine living a modern life without them. Other than in our houses, these furniture pieces have also turned up in recent years at different international design auctions. While they have definitely become valuable collectors’ items, the designers of these furniture, unfortunately, have long remained anonymous to most people.

Written by Staffan Bengtsson, one of Scandinavai’s design authorities, the 450-page book, IKEA, The Book brings these talented designers and their creative works out to the light. The fascinating history of the modern furniture company is discussed, as well as the design, manufacturing process of each IKEA signature furniture.

Inside the book, you will find answers to these questions:

– What ideals are IKEA’s designs based on?
– What makes the KLIPPAN sofa and the BILLY book case as sought after
in Basel and New York as in Stockholm?
– How did Ingvar Kamprad get world-famous designers like Verner
Panton and Hella Jongerius to create original pieces for mass
production in IKEA’s factories?

Bringing readers great insight into both of the world of IKEA and product design, IKEA, The Book is now available online From Swedenbookshop for 425 SEK.

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