7 Creative and Unusual Bed Design

There is no denial that everyone likes to sleep, no matter what point of the day or night it is at. Besides sleeping on your own bed, which of the following would you like to sleep on?

Floating Bed

It is a flying zen carpet! Supported by a single foot under the center of the bed that is also connected to the wall, Fluttua gives an illusion that the bed is floating as long as you don’t look too far to peak underneath it. This might actually be an ideal one if for once, you would like to experience what it’s like to be suspended in mid-air. [source]

Bookcase Bed

With houses keep getting smaller in size, this space-saving device would be a great way to keep an extra bed around. Wrapped around bookselves when not in use, it blends against the background beautifully. When it is needed though, one could just bring down the two pieces of mattress and put them together. It is another great design for bookworms too! [source]

Green Bed

Want to try out with another mattress texture instead? The green bed offers you grass texture. I haven’t tried that myself but it definitely brings you closer to the nature. Consider about moving your sleeping location to your garden too and save the air-conditioning’s energy. The cool wind breezes at night are more enjoyable. [source]

Earthquake-Proof Bed

The frequency of earthquakes around California is increasing at an alarming rate. What do we do when an earthquake strikes and we’re on our beds? We are told to stay and cover ourselves with a blanket and pillow unless we are near a heavy light fixture that could fall. In that case, we need to move to the nearest safest place in which we have an equal chance of getting hit in the middle. With this in mind, Wang Wenxi created an earthquake proof bed.

The necessities for survival such as drinking water, canned food, a megaphone, and other equipments can be stored at the cupboards at the bed side in advance. Its components also automatically combine to form a strong box that encases its users. If safety is your number one priority, this should be your bed. [source]

Molecular Bed

The Feel Seating System’s design is inspired by the molecular structure which is the basic form for all objects in the universe. Consisting of a number of soft balls held together by plastic connectors, it allows you to sculpt it into pretty much any shape you want, be it a recliner, bed or a sofa. Regardless of what it is made into, the Feel Seating System is always designed to be comfortable. [source]

Fetal-Position Bed

Are you the ones who do not move when you sleep?  Indeed, the design of this bed is very impractical, however, its degree of observabilty is extraordinary! It makes people question. [source]

Vertical Bed

How about sleeping vertically? The cushion definitely looks very squishy! [source]


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One Response to 7 Creative and Unusual Bed Design

  1. itsagamble says:

    Wow, some of these designs are crazy. I found the green bed the most interesting. I picture myself laying there and like an ant crawling across my face as I am trying to dream.

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