An Alternative to Helmets

Product designers often seek solutions to the seemingly small problems in life that has not been solved by any current designs. Two designers, recently, from Stockholm- Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, had certainly filled in one of the many present gaps by offering a solution to the troubles which bicycle helmets bring. Today, an increasing number of people doesn’t wear helmets when cycling.  Especially for women, they complain that helmets are too heavy to carry around. They also often find it difficult to match the color of the helmets with their outfit and are fearful that wearing helmets would ruin their hair.

To address to these hassles, Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin offered an alternative to Helmet designed for both safety and fashion purposes. It is called the Hovding that does not even sit on your head. “We wanted to develop a protection for cyclists that take account of the requests we got in our investigations. The protection would include preserving the sense of freedom and not ruin your hairstyle,” Terese Alstin, one of the inventors said.

Hovding is a discreet collar that cyclists wear around his/her neck. Made of a small, helium gas cylinder with motion sensors, it inflates into an air-filled cushion around the wearer’s head within 0.1 seconds when it detects an impact from any accident. Much like a car’s airbag, it has gone through rigorous testing with test dummies to insure rider’s safety with wearing this new invention.

Available in many different styles and fabrics that will be launched in its new collections, “Hövding is a practical, handy accessory that is easy to carry, stylish and unobtrusive in its design, while it saves your life,” says Anna Haupt.

It is definitely a gorgeous piece of fashion that may attract many women in buying. However, with an estimated retail price of $50 per collar, a consumer will really have to consider if it’s worth it to sacrifice their hair than their lives with a traditional helmet which has proven to be much safer (and yet so much cheaper.)


To learn more about the product, click here

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