Finger measuring without tape

How many times when you have held up two fingers apart from each other, saying “this close” to illustrate the approximate distance between one object and another?  For most, it will be million times and without an accurate result. With the “SmartFinger,” you can do the same thing and produce an exact calculation to the person whom you’re telling the story to. Created by three Korean designers, Choi Hyong-Sulk, Jung Ji-hye, and Yoo-Jin Park, the SmartFinger is used to address the regular mistakes human makes in estimating measurements.

A device which caps your thumb and forefinger (or just any two fingers), SmartFinger uses the signals relayed between two fingers to calculate the measure. Regardless of finger sizes, anyone can comfortably put their fingers in for its shells are made out of silicone.  With a few simple push of buttons, the small device measures length, breathe and volume. Calculation is done on the basis of the time taken to beam signal from one device to another and end result is displayed on its LCD-screen. Additional to measuring, it also records and stores measurements, calculates volume and area. Users are also allowed to adjust the text’s size and position according to their preference.

Now, this might just be a sign that people are getting spoiled. Technological innovation is getting people to the point where they don’t need to get a measuring tape, instead, you just pick up two SmartFinger devices and measurement will be automatically calculated. It is a very cleaver device indeed which could enhance our ability to live more efficiently (that is, if only if it exists.) SmartFinger is only a concept at the moment, so there is no telling whether in the future if it will ever make it to wide production. But, in the mean time, you can you can look at the pictures below to get a first-hand taste.

– via yankodesign

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