Discovery of a new passion

Three summers ago, I was at the Incheon International Airport in Korea walking aimlessly around the white spacious area.  I had already gone through the checking point, bringing me an hour and a half closer before the boarding time. To take advantage of the humungous time gap, I decided to go around visiting the various, surrounding stores. So, for the next few minutes, I strolled through a clothing shop within seconds and browsed through all items at the Korean gift shop in which I find nothing worth buying.  Later on, I managed to stay at a bookstore for a whole 20 minutes, flipping through all in-store magazines. As I stepped out of the bookstore, an hour still remained. As I pondered about time speed and what more meaningful activities could I do within the next hour, I came across a perfume store.  Is visiting a perfume store more of a meaningful activity? I doubt it and despite never having any interest in using perfume before, I went in. A typical thing to do at a perfume store would be to spray a sample of perfume onto a piece of paper, then smelling it. I tried several whose packaging seemed appealing to me. After having done a couple of samples as I overlooked the store, to my sudden realization, EVERY SINGLE ONE of the perfume bottles on shelf, in terms of shape and design, are unique! It amazes me that there are so few perfume bottles resembling each other. Fascinated, I questioned how artists determine each design of the bottles. I had never see things in such a way before- identical category of product having different designs to them? It may seem cliché but during that moment, I felt the finding was extraordinary. The technique of bringing out the different sorts of personalities in still objects is what I find most challenging about designing a product.

Such a small, simple coincidental moment, but then the field of product design has ever since become one of my main passions to pursue. On this blog, I’ll be sharing some of the best international’s product design and analyzing them. I hope after reading, you’ll get as excited as I was in the perfume store.

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One Response to Discovery of a new passion

  1. Arthur says:

    amazing how an experience can change you whole self. ROCK ON!

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