5-1 Ipad Case

When a new popular product is introduced into the market, there will usually be several more following invented to accompany the lacking aspects of the original. With Apple’s introduction of the iPad, it creates a lot of new business opportunities for other companies.

In taking advantage of this new popular device, Brenthaven created an iPad case containing 5 functions in one.  Made out of a sturdy, hardshell material, the case provides two-sided protection in which you can slip your iPad in safely.

Take out the iPad from the case and it will fit perfectly into a slot on the back, standing horizontally in a viewing mode. Now, everyone will be able to watch anything on the iPad in a comfortable position without having to lower his/her head too much and worry that that it will fall without notification. If one wants to send emails or work on documents, he/she can immediately set it up in a typing mode by fastening the built-in strap to an indented loop at the back of the shell, and conveniently flip it over to type.

This set also comes with a long strap that can hang around a car’s headrest for viewing on the go. Of course, one could also use it to wrap around an airplane headrest. But he/she will need to be sure to check with the passenger in front before attaching. When it is set up, one could be well entertained throughout the whole flight.  Its “EZ Grip Handle,” additionally, allows reading books and paper on an iPad with added security and comfortableness.

Made from recycled materials and a few updated features from features from the previous version, the 5-in-1 system is 100% lifetime guarantee and is well on its way to offering a well rounded, super functional iPad case solution.

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Smartphone Doubling as Wallet?

Article reviewed: Smartphone doubling as your wallet

In a world today where everyone’s wants and needs are constantly evolving, technological manufacturing companies are striving relentlessly to adjust to the society’s need. The trend for Smartphone prior is to create apps that would appeal to the large demographics, now the race is on to transform them into wallet.

Today if you were in Japan and own one of these Smartphone devices, you can just practically “flash your phone” everywhere for almost all purchases. In the same way as credit/debit card where your amount of spending money will automatically be recorded in the expense report, it is a Smartphone with all functions in one, such as debit card, receipt tracker, and loyalty program.

The response it got in America is excitingly overwhelming. Currently, mobile companies are further developing a location-based ‘concierge’ that can notify shoppers with gift cards whenever they are near any one of those shops and inform them of the discounts they have.  Imagine having this Smartphone, it could save you tremendous time from counting cash and hassles from asking the salesperson about discounts. Besides making shopping experience a whole lot easier, the new innovation also considers the fact that American consumers love to buy now and pay later.

Improvement in technology progresses so rapidly today that we may find it hard to accept a new idea immediately. It would be hard to imagine not having cash in our pockets and can still, with a cell phone, automatically make purchases.  The convenience it offers is awesome, however with every benefit an innovation brings, there are also its negative sides.  While the Smartphone could help stimulate the economy by encouraging more consumer spending, people will be more likely to get into a debt as a result. Without physical cash, they have a muffled idea of how much money they have and the amount they can spend without going broke.   As one reader commented, “We need to simulate the economy, but we definitely not need people having more debts than they have now.” The key point is to know how to control one’s spending. Whether to adopt it or not depends one’s personal choice.

While the wallet Smartphone still hasn’t gotten much acceptance and actual adoption in America yet, it does causes us to question if technology is evolving too quickly and even if some new, fabulously cool electronic products are practical and fitting to our real needs.

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IKEA, The Book

Opening its first store in 1958, IKEA not only is one of Sweden’s most successful international brands but it is also amongst the few earliest retail stores to make good design available to the large population. With moderate inexpensive prices, IKEA’s furniture are easily accessible. It is difficult to imagine living a modern life without them. Other than in our houses, these furniture pieces have also turned up in recent years at different international design auctions. While they have definitely become valuable collectors’ items, the designers of these furniture, unfortunately, have long remained anonymous to most people.

Written by Staffan Bengtsson, one of Scandinavai’s design authorities, the 450-page book, IKEA, The Book brings these talented designers and their creative works out to the light. The fascinating history of the modern furniture company is discussed, as well as the design, manufacturing process of each IKEA signature furniture.

Inside the book, you will find answers to these questions:

– What ideals are IKEA’s designs based on?
– What makes the KLIPPAN sofa and the BILLY book case as sought after
in Basel and New York as in Stockholm?
– How did Ingvar Kamprad get world-famous designers like Verner
Panton and Hella Jongerius to create original pieces for mass
production in IKEA’s factories?

Bringing readers great insight into both of the world of IKEA and product design, IKEA, The Book is now available online From Swedenbookshop for 425 SEK.

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Greenest laptop in the world?

Apple recently rolled out its newest addition to the family of notebooks, Macbook Air. With a bold claim of being “The World’s Greenest Family of Notebooks,” it is definitely lighter, less toxic and more energy efficient than the previous generations. However, is it really the greenest laptops in the world? Greenpeace claims otherwise.

Two years ago, Greenpeace challenged Apple and other major computer-manufacturing companies to reduce the use of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and brominated flame retardants (BFRs) which are commonly found in electronics. PVC, made out of carcinogen, can release chlorinated dioxins when they are burn for disposal in landfills. BRFs, on the other hand, releases bromine that are dangerous to human’s health. In response  to this challenge, Steve Jobs issued a statement afterwards, pledging to compromise to this environmental cause.

With the release of the Macbook Air this year, Greenpeace critiques that the steps made in Apple’s new computer are not enough for them.  According to the legislative director of Greenpeace’s “toxic campaign,” “Apple is getting greener, but not green enough, […] The Macbook Air has less toxic PVC plastic and less toxic BFRs, but it could have zero and that would make Apple an eco-leader, […]

To evaluate the greenness of Macbook Air, let’s look at five things: Total carbon footprint, manufacturing progress, gas emission from transportation, recycling potential and commitment to progress.

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7 Creative and Unusual Bed Design

There is no denial that everyone likes to sleep, no matter what point of the day or night it is at. Besides sleeping on your own bed, which of the following would you like to sleep on?

Floating Bed

It is a flying zen carpet! Supported by a single foot under the center of the bed that is also connected to the wall, Fluttua gives an illusion that the bed is floating as long as you don’t look too far to peak underneath it. This might actually be an ideal one if for once, you would like to experience what it’s like to be suspended in mid-air. [source]

Bookcase Bed

With houses keep getting smaller in size, this space-saving device would be a great way to keep an extra bed around. Wrapped around bookselves when not in use, it blends against the background beautifully. When it is needed though, one could just bring down the two pieces of mattress and put them together. It is another great design for bookworms too! [source]

Green Bed

Want to try out with another mattress texture instead? The green bed offers you grass texture. I haven’t tried that myself but it definitely brings you closer to the nature. Consider about moving your sleeping location to your garden too and save the air-conditioning’s energy. The cool wind breezes at night are more enjoyable. [source]

Earthquake-Proof Bed

The frequency of earthquakes around California is increasing at an alarming rate. What do we do when an earthquake strikes and we’re on our beds? We are told to stay and cover ourselves with a blanket and pillow unless we are near a heavy light fixture that could fall. In that case, we need to move to the nearest safest place in which we have an equal chance of getting hit in the middle. With this in mind, Wang Wenxi created an earthquake proof bed.

The necessities for survival such as drinking water, canned food, a megaphone, and other equipments can be stored at the cupboards at the bed side in advance. Its components also automatically combine to form a strong box that encases its users. If safety is your number one priority, this should be your bed. [source]

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Amongst some of my favorite design websites to visit, such as Coolhunting, Yankodesign and jocundist, TOXEL.com is the one I go onto the most frequently and hence would be my so-call “most favorite.” Go onto its homepage, explore several of its blog entries and you will easily understand why. Dedicated to providing bit-size daily inspiration and entertainment, TOXEL.com is one of the more highly read design blogs today in the community. Its purposes are to showcase some of the world’s best creative products and designs and encourage people to look at design with an alternate perspective.

Unlike most other design websites, however, which only focus on the more sophisticated product designs, TOXEL.com turns their audiences’ eyes to the most bewilder and fascinating things that they would never expect to see. Some examples are these extravagant shoes and unusual camera inventions. In addition to product designs, TOXEL also discusses various topics such as ad design, technology, architecture and furniture. It is everything art.

For its blog design purpose is to satisfy people’s need for quick inspiration and entertainment, TOXEL’s blog format is created for easy-reading. A general browse over a typical entry would mostly be predominated by pictures with a few sentences sandwiched in between. Pictures are definitely the defining feature of TOXEL’s typical blog posts; they give readers a sense of what is the product or art being discussed. To attract the audience’s interest to read, they are placed at the head of every post. Texts, on the other hand, serve more as a secondary function. Often, they accompany alongside of the pictures to provide basic information on the art. Because a TOXEL blog post wouldn’t usually reveal too much information regarding the subject, there will be helpful links towards the end of each description, linking interested-readers to another site with more in-depth details.

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